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New Media Rockstars, with help from the YouTube measuring site ChannelMeter, just came out with an interesting infographic detailing the top 10 YouTube-viewing countries outside the U.S., including all the top independent channels across the globe and even a nifty picture of views by continent.  As always, it’s important to realize that YouTube is global, that it has unprecedented reach, and it not only reaches those different countries but it excels in those countries.  With YouTube’s emphasis on language translation (including professional translation) over the past year or so, the numbers outside the U.S. are important.

The Top 10 Countries Besides the U.S.

Here’s a highlight from the infographic that shows the top 10:

nmr infograph piece 606x355 Top 10 YouTube Viewership Outside of U.S.

It’s no surprise that the UK is #1 here, because the English language is still going to dominate even with all the focus on the rest of the world.  Still, India and Germany are right behind the UK and this graph highlights a well-represented group of cultures.  You know YouTube is wondering what they can do to get un-banned from China, a market everyone covets.

Give the infographic at NMR a look here.

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