Tiny House Conference to Take Place in North Carolina

Tiny House Conference to Take Place in North Carolina

By Robyn Griggs Lawrence

Robyn Griggs Lawrence thumbnailBoy, do I wish I could go to this. And if I lived anywhere near North Carolina, I would.

The Tiny House Conference, sponsored by the folks at  The Tiny Life blog, will take place in Charlotte, North Carolina, on April 16. Working under the umbrella of the Charlotte Clean and Green Festival, this free conference will include classes on tiny houses, a booth on urban chickens, and tours of an off-the-grid container home as well as a large community garden. “If folks still have it in them, we will grab dinner after and talk,” organizer Ryan Mitchell, who runs The Tiny Life blog, promises.

The full schedule of free classes will be posted soon at The Tiny Life, which covers simple living, environmental and social consciousness, and sound fiscal plans. “People are joining this movement for many reasons, but the most popular reasons are because of environmental concerns, financial concerns and seeking more time and freedom,” Mitchell states.

You can RSVP for the free conference here. tiny house conference

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