The Cutting Edge of Email Marketing: Infomercials

With the imminent arrival of HTML5 and rich media email just around the corner, we at Blue Sky Factory have decided to take email marketing to the next level with the only logical conclusion: infomercials in your inbox. Instead of plain, boring text or pictures that don’t move, imagine having full 480p video delivering your message, complete with timed calls to action! Using our proprietary new technology, U-Blue-View, we can now measure exactly when a video infomercial in your inbox was played and time offers to it.

Here’s our first infomercial, coming to an inbox near you soon. If you’d like to participate in the offer, you have 20 minutes from the time you read this post to click here.

YouTube Preview Image

For the folks who didn’t realize that today is April 1, or April Fool’s Day, this is indeed an April Fool’s joke, though the offer in the ad is real. If you’d like to engage our services, contact us before the end of the day for a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Christopher Penn
VP, Strategy and Innovation, Blue Sky Factory

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