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I have enough contact with real estate agents to know that some of them cannot manage their smartphone.

Those who can’t figure it out tell the rest of us that we need to spend less time on technology and more time with people. Or that real estate is a people business.

I wish it were that simple, and that we could have a choice between using modern-day technology or not using it.

Personally, the reason I use technology is to communicate with others. Most days I would rather interact directly with a person.

When I get offers on my listings from agents who are with some local large brokerages, I can tell right away which company the agent is with. The offers all have the same email title, with the phrase “scan from (insert name of brokerage).”

Usually the contracts are sideways or upside down, forcing me to lock the orientation on whichever mobile device I’m using, and then turn the device upside down or sideways to read the offer.

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Technology still an afterthought for many big brokers | Inman News.

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