Tech-savvy agents have an edge in seller’s market | Cross River NY Homes

Spring has not yet arrived in the frozen northland, but the real estate market has felt like a spring market since the end of last year. It also feels like a seller’s market in several, but not all, neighborhoods. 

These past few weeks I am reminded of the strategies I used during the last seller’s market. Agents who have gotten their licenses in the last five to eight years may have never experienced a seller’s market.

If I had the technology during the last seller’s market that I enjoy today I could have sold so much more. I think that if I were working without all the latest gadgets and apps, the offers I have written in the last week or so never would have happened and, instead of writing this, I would still be dealing with “old school” paperwork.

There was this little house that was listed in the early afternoon and while I was waiting in front of a home for one of my motivated buyers, I got a text message from his wife alerting me that a home just came on the market that might be worth a look. She was at the airport with some time on her hands and used the time to check to see if any homes had come on the market while she was in the air.

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