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The long-awaited opening of Station Plaza Bakery is here and locals were popping in all day Monday to sample the goodies offered by restaurateur Nino Camaj, owner of the newest bakery in the town of Bedford.

Chelsea Hardy, 10, and her sister, seven-year-old Kaitlyn, ogled the pastry and cookie case at length before settling on their choices: a powdered sugar donut and a mini-cheesecake.

“They couldn’t wait for this place to open,” said their mother, Ann Hardy. “We just walked down from school—I gues we’ll have to load up on vegetables when we get home,” she laughed.

The girls’ indecision was understandable. Dozens of cookies—varieties included ginger cookies, pecan bars, seven-layer bars and frosted sugar cookies—lined the display case shelves, along with cakes and muffins.

They took their treats over to the attractive seating area in the window, where six stools are available for in-house snacking. The bakery walls are awash in soft-yellow and feature framed art—two old-style European scenes and one horse print, perhaps in a nod to Bedford’s equestrian-loving demographic.

A gleaming Lavazza machine brews espressos and capuccinos to order, and coffee, tea and Snapples are available. Creamy-looking gelato from Johnny’s Gelato in Kent, NY, comes in ten flavors including mint chocolate chip and sea salt caramel. A small is $3.20, a medium $3.70 and a large costs $4.25.

Bread choices included $3 Italian loaves, crusty boules of sourdough and Italian baguettes. A bagel with cream cheese can be had for $1.50.

Camaj, 63, said he orders from about seven different bakeries to supply the shop. “I order the best products, from Arthur Avenue in the Bronx to the Rockland Bakery,” he said.

His wife, Christine, was on hand for the opening, and the counter was handily manned by Barbara Aquilino who will be working there most days.

Doesn’t he want to slow down, just a little, after a lifelong career owning 10 pizzerias and 24 restaurants—including the four-year-old-and-thriving Nino’s next door? 

“I like to work,” he said. “This town, it needed a bakery, and I’m not dead yet. I like to joke, be around people,” he said.

Station Plaza Bakery is located at 17 Adams Street, across from Depot Plaza in Bedford Hills. They are open 7 days a week: 6 a.m. – 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. They can be reached at (914) 864-0829.

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