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Aug 02 2011

Battling Blogging Moods

For me, blogging is one of the best things in this world. Writing and making money at the same time is an incomparable feeling, one that I never got from my previous job. This is why I decided to quit and instead devote my life to blogging and making money out of it.

However, there are times when blogging can be boring and tiring, too. During times like this, writing feels like a chore, a feeling I can hardly endure. Sometimes, simply writing the first thought (or paragraph) becomes a hard task, even though I clearly know what I want to write. This is not a question of having writer’s block or all those writing dilemmas pro writers have to endure as professionals. It’s just about boredom and my writing moods, especially when I’m talking about the same old things my clients require me to do on a specific deadline. Nothing deep, I’m just a moody blogger.

I have tons of remedies for my rare malady. Oftentimes, my greatest cure is my LP collection. I listen to music to fit my mood according to my writing topic: Beethoven for casual articles, Steven Patrick Morrissey for more serious ones, The Byrds and Kinks for edgy posts, and Suede for chick and teen topics. Changing locations is also a big help; moving from my room to our garden when my writing mood starts to swing, sets me up on an indefinable blogging disposition.

My secret cure for blogging moods

Fonts are another mood changer. That’s why I have this habit of changing my font’s style in the middle of composing a thought, because this helps me a lot to adjust my mood while writing. For example, Calibri (the new default MS WORD font) makes me feel bland and flat because I find it boring. Although I love using sans serifs while writing because it lacks stiffness and formality, Calibri always puts me on a weird apathetic mood.

From time to time, whenever I feel like slaving on work and rushing to meet my own blogging deadlines, I turn to this habit of entrusting my mood to the fonts I set.

When I write anecdotes or light blogging topics, I use Comic or Berlin Sans. If I need to write about serious stuff, like marketing occurrences and their correlation to my sales and business, Times New Roman and Century never fail to help me. Additionally, changing font color and size helps me as well.

And if this font technique doesn’t work, I’ll shift to my plan B. I copy-paste my work to other writing platforms such as NotePad, WordPad, or sometimes, I write directly from my email (in Compose Mail Section). Changing writing platforms is like transferring locations while writing; it’s like exclusively putting yourself in a perfect ambiance.

Another thing I do is to go back to traditional writing. Yes, I write on blank papers, sometimes in my diary. Writing on paper helps me squeeze my mind for ideas and lay it all out there like a barrage of fresh thoughts.

Well, if all these things fail to cure my malady, the only thing to do is rest, and let my writing mood come out naturally.

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  • Mike Haydon

    Some great ideas, thanks Warner. I think the changing fonts particularly is really going to help my writing.

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