Social Search by Bing | Bedford NY Real Estate

I know, I know…you probably don’t use Bing.  I don’t use it either, but they have done something pretty darn cool with their search engine.

SEO and social are steadily becoming partners in crime and you really can’t have one without the other anymore.  Google has been dipping their toes in this realm for quite a while with their “personalized results“, but the social aspect of their SERP (search engine results page)  is powered by Google+.  Bing is taking a different route with the 800 pound gorilla (Facebook) and their implementation seems sound. It all comes down to the concept of social proof.  Watch this short video to see what I mean.


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  1. Larry T. says:

    This is a fantastic post that you have put together Steve, I rarely ever use Bing but now that I see how it pulls from Facebook, I can view how many people are talking about a specific real estate website that I am looking on. I would definitely use this as a way to see how many people are talking about my site or competitive sites as well. Thank you for the fantastic post!

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