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kype confirmed on Monday that a system bug is sending private instant messages to the wrong recipients, according to a tweet sent from the company’s account.

Following a series of reports from Skype users that their accounts were misdirecting messages to others on their contact list, the video-chat company said it is looking into the issue.

“We’re aware of a bug that in very rare cases sends IMs to unintended recipients,” Skype tweeted. “Most users are unaffected. We are working on a fix.”

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A handful of Skype members recently wrote on the site’s forum that they experiencing issues with messaging.

“Messages sent by one contact (2 lines out of a hundred or so) were sent to another contact of mine,” wrote Skype member bla84. “These 2 contacts are not connected on Skype. The 2 IMs appeared to be sent by me, so the other contact asked me if I sent them by mistake. That is the only reason I know it happened.”

Others chimed in: “I have the same problem. Messages from one of my contacts went to another, as being sent by me. Very awkward and slightly embarassing. I hope this issue gets fixed asap,” wrote Skype member victrix.

The company reportedly told Engadget that it is working to correct the issue in the next few days and plans to roll out an updated version of the software once it is ready.

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