Road Trip to Burlington, Vermont | Content Rules for the Katonah NY Real Estate market

Ever since we first got asked to come to Vermont as part of the book tour we knew this meant one thing: ROAD TRIP!

Ann and I were excited to be part of Burlington, Vermont Social Media Breakfast and with a beautiful 3-4 hour drive to get there we thought it would be fun to video the whole thing and make a fun piece of content out of it.

As life often does, schedules change and special props that were suppose to make this trip even cooler never came through, but as with everything we just rolled with it.

I decided that even going solo, I’d still make the video as a good challenge to get better shooting on the road. As you’ll see, the story of the road trip took a strange twist as Mother Nature decided to throw tornados at Massachusetts and directly at my house and family.

Except for the fact that copies of our book did not arrive due to being out of print, the event went off without a hitch and I guess I should mark my calendar to return back in two years to keep the streak alive.


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