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Consulting firm AIM Group has released its annual real estate report that assesses real estate marketing practices around the world.

The “2013 Real Estate Advertising Annual” explores the business models and advertising tactics of about 90 companies in 29 countries, with a focus on “innovative services, products, payments and partnerships.” 

The report’s introduction mentions the following highlights: 

  • SouFun in China issues a “platinum” club membership card that discounts the purchase prices of participating builders. Revenue from SouFun’s serviced e-commerce increased from $24 million in 2011 to $102 million in 2012. 
  • In Spain, where property sales have yet to recover from the 2007 recession, refocused its business on flat-sharing, rentals and private sellers.
  • Zillow in the U.S., which focuses on value-added services for agents and brokers, acquires what it doesn’t build and in 2012, the company’s revenue grew 77 percent over 2011. 
  • Google Ventures-backed startup HomeLight matches buyers and agents, becoming a kind of “personal real estate concierge.”

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