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One of the easiest ways to provide valuable information to your followers and add to your content strategy on Twitter, is to retweet valuable information. As part of an overall social media strategy, you should retweet a few things each day that you think are interesting, consistent with your brand message and that you think your followers may read. But, what most people don’t realize is that there is the “art of the retweet.”

There are two ways to retweet a message. The first way, is that you can simply click the “retweet button” under a tweet. If you do that, that tweet gets sent out to all of your followers exactly as is – as if it were from them (not you.) The other way to retweet (which is a much better way in my opinion), is to copy the tweet into a new tweet, add the characters: “RT” and then add a short note at the beginning or the end.

Here are a few screenshots to explain:

Option 1:

Click the “retweet” button

Option 2:

Copy text

Click ‘reply’ and then copy/paste

What is the difference? See below!

Important: When you tweet the second way, the person you retweeted gets an “@” notification that you retweeted them. When you retweet the first way, they are NOT notified unless they have their email notifications turned on.

For mobile users:
If you are on a mobile device, here is how you can do this easily.

Click the ‘retweet’ button, and then click “quote tweet”

You can then add your text below

In social media, many times it is the little things that make a big difference – and this is one of them! Would love your feedback about this article, leave me a comment below!

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