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This past week, there have been a lot of exciting changes and updates announced about Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Here are six things you may have missed:

1. Facebook launched a Pages only feed. Want to just see a feed of the business pages you have “liked” in the past? Go to the Pages feed for a newsfeed view without your friend updates.

2. Facebook launched it’s Job Board app this week. This is a big move for Facebook and a possibly very important revenue stream for them in 2013. Looking to add to your team? Check out the new board. Will this give LinkedIn a run for its money? Only time will tell.

3. Just in time for the holidays, Facebook launched Gifts – a way to share and give gifts with your Facebook friends. Perfect time of the year for Black Friday and the busiest shopping days of the year! This seems like it would be an easy way to send gifts to your clients quickly and easily – all through Facebook.

4. Instagram web profiles launched! It’s no surprise that these new web profiles look very “Facebook-ish” but I love the clean look and how the headers rotate. It is incredible that this app has had so much success so far – as just an app! Now each Instagram photo has it’s own link, and you are able to access those links without going through a third-party application. This makes it even easier to “pin” your Instagram photos to Pinterest.

5. Pinterest launched secret boards this week in time for the holidays. I also think this could be a great opportunity for real estate agents to create a secret board to collaborate with buyers on their dream home.

6. Pinterest also launched business pages this week. Many agents and brokers set up Pinterest pages for their business, now it is super easy to convert that page to a business page. It looks like more tools for businesses will be rolled out in the future, but for now they offer features such as: website verification and widgets for your website. Interesting to note, their terms of service has also simplified.

Instagram and Pinterest are two of the fastest growing social media platforms, so it’s no surprise that they are taking their platforms to the next level with these updates. Facebook is under the gun to bring in new revenue sources so it will be interesting to see if their new Job Board and Gifts will be the answers investors are looking for.

Either way, it’s an amazing time we are in. We are really in the dawn of social media, and I truly believe we have barely scratched the surface of what social media really means for businesses – especially in the real estate industry.

Would love to know your thoughts about these new changes – post a comment for me below!

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