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 “We don’t want a fire to devastate your holiday celebrations,” said CAL FIRE Acting State Fire Marshal Tonya Hoover. “If everyone practices a little extra fire safety this holiday, we can help reduce the number of holiday decoration related fires and deaths.”

Robert Paul Realtor - Christmas Tree Fires In Pound Ridge NY

Robert Paul Realtor - Christmas Tree Fires In Pound Ridge NY

The holiday season is here and with it increased excitement about adorning homes with traditional decorations. As beautiful as they are, holiday decorations are an added home fire hazard. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a candle-caused fire in the home is reported every 30 minutes.

In 2009, 166 Christmas tree fires were reported to the CAL FIRE – Office of the State Fire Marshal. There were 100 reported fires caused by the ignition of Christmas decorations. As of December 1 there have been nearly 40,000 reported fire incidents with over 80 tragic fire deaths in California.

Follow these safety tips to ensure a safe and happy holiday season:

 When selecting your Christmas tree, choose a fresh one with green needles.

Check the water level in the tree stand every day.

Keep the tree at least 3 feet away from any heat source including fireplaces and heating vents.

Never use lit candles to decorate a tree.

 Keep outdoor decorative lights outdoors and indoor lights indoors.

Inspect lights every year for frayed wires or cracked sockets.

Don’t link more than 3 light strands together unless the directions indicate it is safe to do so.

Turn decorative lights out when you leave the house or go to bed.

Only use lights that have been tested and labeled by a recognized testing laboratory.

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