Pound Ridge Real Estate Unusual Suspects: Thieves Steal $27,000 Rug, Boating While Intoxicated, Man Arrested While Bailing Out Girlfriend

BJ’s Employee Steals $50,000 Worth of Merchandise

Police arrested a 28-year-old BJ’s employee in Yorktown Heights this week after an investigation revealed that he had stolen from his employer. Wesley G. Post allegedly stole $50,000 worth of merchandise from July 1 to Aug. 10 


Thieves Steal $27,000 Rug

Thieves recently stole some very pricey items from a Larchmont home. Despite activating an alarm system when they gained entry through a rear sliding door, the thieves were able to grab a $12,000 emerald ring and a $27,000 rug on their way out. Police are investigating the incident.


Attempted Condom Theft at CVS  

A CVS Employee in Mamaroneck caught a youth trying to pilfer a $16 12-pack of Trojan condoms from the store. Police responded and stopped the theft. The property was returned to the store and CVS decided not to press any charges.


Cyclist Slashes Car Tires

A cyclist in Piermont displayed his own version of road rage last Saturday after an altercation with a motorist.

After getting into a dispute, the cyclist got off his bicycle and walked up to the motorist’s driveway and let the air out of the driver’s car tires—in front of the watching eyes of a Piermont police officer.

Police confronted the cyclist, Darren Nacht, a 49-year-old from New York City, who then admitted to sabotaging the tires. Police also contacted the motorist. Nacht was arrested for trespassing and will appear in Piermont Justice Court on Sept. 14.


Boating While Intoxicated

Westchester County Police recently arrested a Pennsylvania man and charged him with Boating While Intoxicated on the Hudson River in Cortlandt.

Brian Van Patten, 56, of Milford, Pa., was charged with BWI, after police saw his jet ski speeding in an area near Bear Mountain Ridge, within 100 feet of the shoreline. Van Patten’s jet ski also nearly collided with a boat.

After police stopped Van Patten because of the near-collision, they discovered that he had been drinking. They arrested him after he failed a field sobriety test. Van Patten is scheduled to appear in Cortlandt Town Court on Aug. 26.


Kids Roof-Hop Parking Deck, Get Stuck

Three kids who roof-hopped on a waterfront parking deck in Port Chester on Monday had to be rescued by firefighters after police spotted them on top of the structure.

The pre-teens hopped a gate to get into the restricted area and jumped over a gap, despite a 30-foot drop to the ground below. A police officer spotted the children and firefighters were called in. They used a ladder to bring the kids back to safety.

Police brought the kids back to headquarters and released them into the custody of their parents.


Man Arrested While Trying to Bail Girlfriend from Jail

Mount Kisco Police recently arrested a Spring Valley man when he was trying to bail out his girlfriend after police arrested her for check forgery. Twenty year-old David Malvert showed up at the Mount Kisco Police station and police recognized him as the suspect on a bank surveillance video who tried to cash a forged check on Aug. 10 in Peekskill. Malvert was arrested and taken to Westchester County Jail and was arraigned in Peekskill City Court.


Two NJ Women Steal $1,000 Worth of Perfume from Palisades Mall

Two New Jersey women allegedly stole more than $1,000 worth of perfume from a Sephora store at Palisades Center Mall in West Nyack.

Meecah Kelly, 23, of East Orange, NJ, and Darcy Rivera, 21, of Newark, NJ, were charged with fourth-degree grand larceny Thursday after a loss prevention officer at Sephora said he saw the women shoplift 12 bottles of perfume and try to leave the store.

Kelly and Rivera are scheduled to appear in Clarkstown Town Court on Aug. 31. 

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