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Time Saving Tips For Bloggers

Aug 20, 2011 by

Blogging can be a time intensive job and its important for bloggers to be able able to know how to save time when it comes to blogging.  There are many tools for bloggers out there to help them save time, and saving time allows you to concentrate your time on more profitable tasks.  As the old saying goes time is money.  So lets save some time to get you some more money.


Paypal has made some some significant changes to their invoicing system that makes sending invoices to your customers as a contact blogger or copywriter much easier for you and your customers.  Still there are several other options for people who want to offer regular mail invoices and other forms of payment from one provider.  One of these options is from a company called Freshbooks which is one of the best providers of complete billing solutions for free lancers online.

Listening To Podcasts While Blogging

If you have a mind that can handle when listening to information while your writing Listening to podcasts about niches that your write about while typing content can be a great time saver.  It can also help you stay on top of the news that you often write about.  There are podcasts covering every sort of niche available from technology, to making money, to weather to mental illness.  While your typing content you can have your ears open listening to the latest news and discussions on your niche.  Who knows you may find something to add to the piece that you are currently writing.

Another thing that in my mind helps me save time is listening to music.  This helps you save time as it keeps your mind zoned away from outside stimulation keeping your mind on the job.  Music is one of the best tools for a blogger that is stressed, it helps you keep your mind on the job at hand.

Pre Schedule Posts

If your on a roll you can preschedual your posts for future dates.  If you got your blogging mojo going setting posts for future dates is a good way to be able to get things done right now and open up your time for other tasks and projects you may be working on.  Plus putting all your posts out there at once can actually lower the traffic compared to posts that your space out the timing of the posts.


Keep a task list of what you have to do for the day on a whiteboard.  This gives you a visual reminder of what you need to be doing for the day and allows you to cross out what is already done.  You are much more likely to get the work done that you have to get done if you can see what you need to get done.

Time Is Money

Remember just like any other business out there with blogging time is money.  The more time that you spend on tasks that don’t get you money the less money you will bring in.

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