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I finally have to admit that my old shower curtain has seen its last days. It’s time to turn it into rags and replace it, and I don’t want to spend a fortune. Following former Natural Home art director Susan Wasinger’ssimple directions, I can adorn a plain organic cotton or linen shower curtain (or even a cheaper shower curtain liner) with a sweet, simple leaf motif. I’ll get a pretty, natural look for my bathroom for much less than I’d pay for a fancy shower curtain.

To make this, I’ll use nontoxic Dharma Pigment Dye, which will give me the same soft, stone-washed look that Susan achieved. She used leaves from common houseplants, but I’ll honor summer’s abundance by choosing the prettiest leaves I find when I walk my dog today. Simply position the painted side of the leaf on the fabric, lay a piece of paper over it, and press the paper and leaf carefully into the fabric with your hands or a rubber roller. Thoroughly but gently rub the entire leaf surface. Most dyes can be set with a vinegar bath, but check the manufacturer’s recommendations for color fastness.

leaf shower curtain 1

Use any kind of leaves and an inexpensive shower curtain liner to make a designer-like shower curtain. Photo by Susan Wasinger

leaf 2

1. Paint the veined side of the leaf with dye or paint. Don’t forget the stem.

leaf 3

2. Press the leaf into the fabric and cover with paper. Smooth with a roller or your hand.

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