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How to Pick Exterior House Colors

Picking exterior house colors is an exciting time. House exterior painting adds a fresh look to your home. But finding a flattering color scheme can also be overwhelming. You want the color scheme for your house design to be perfect. To help reduce frustration when planning to house exterior painting, you need to know the ins and outs of picking a color scheme for your house design. Read on to learn how to pick exterior house colors that will have you grinning from ear to ear. The beauty of your home begins with the right exterior color scheme.

Difficulty: Moderate


1)  The first step on how to pick exterior house colors is to choose between a light or dark color scheme. Painting the exterior of your house with a light color scheme will tend to make your house stand out more from its surroundings. A house design exterior color scheme that is dark is usually good for when you want your home’s colors to blend in more with the surrounding environment.

2)  Next, decide if you want a warm or cool color scheme for the exterior of your house. A warm color scheme can give your house design a livelier look. A house exterior with a cool color scheme tends to match its surrounding environment and not stand out as much.

3)  The last step on how to pick exterior house colors is to choose an accent color. An accent that is lighter than the main exterior house color will help a small house look bigger. A lighter accent color on the front door and window shutters will also help these areas stand out more. Just be careful to pick an accent color that contrasts well with your main exterior paint color.

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