Photo of the Week: Inside a Dome Home – Energy Matters in Pound Ridge NY

Photo of the Week Inside a Dome Home 

In February 2010, CU photographer wardblvd shared some pictures of the beginnings of his dome home. He built the energy-efficient dome home from the ground up in central Wisconsin. Now, a little more than a year later, wardblvd has more photos to share. The inside of this green home is just as neat as the outside. What makes it so interesting are the angles and wood shapes that tell you the home is a dome home. Scan the gallery of photos to see the entire inside of the house. It includes a greenhouse and naturally lighted rooms. Plus, the completed dome home is energy neutral and uses different forms of energy to supply the home. And if you are interested in any certain room or aspect of the house, leave a message for wardblvd in the comments below the photo.

Photo of the Week Inside a Dome Home 2Incase you missed another time this home was featured; visit Photo of the Week: Dome Home.

If you are interested in learning more about dome homes, you can read Earth-Sheltered Home Kits for Owner-Builders, Dome Home Specialists and How to Get Plans for a 30 Foot Dome.

Thank you CU Photographer wardblvd for submitting more photos this week! Also, check out Building Our Dome Home gallery for all the photos from the project.

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