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Flower Arranging for the Floral Impaired

Flower arranging can be a daunting task, but you don’t have to have special tools or gadgets to create a professional looking arrangement. All you need are a few flowers, a vase, and a little patience.


  • a short container vase

  • flower snips

  • 1 large white hydrangea or 2 medium hydrangeas

  • 5 stems light pink fresh spray stock

  • 1 bunch mini dark pink or red roses

  • 1 bunch green Hypericum

How To

  • Fill your small vase halfway with water.

  • Start with the hydrangea. Cut the stem short enough that it keeps several of its large leaves but still reaches the water while the lower petals rest on the lip of the vase. The hydrangea will serve as your floral frog and support all the other flowers.

  • Next, use your snips to strip the leaves off of the spray stock. Cut the stems at an angle about 5 inches long and push them through gaps in the hydrangea petals until the stems hit the bottom of the vase. Use three in a triangle formation near the base of the hydrangea and save the last two for later.

  • Move on to your mini roses and strip them of leaves and cut them with 3-inch stems. Space them out all over the hydrangea base- they should be the focus and you don’t need a “pattern.”

  • Next, cut your hypericum so that they have 5-inch stems. If you have a large clump you can separate it into two. Space them out in the open areas of the “spray stock triangle.”

  • Stand back and tinker with your leftover spray stock, roses, and hypericum until you have a shape you like.

  • Enjoy.

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