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Happy 2013! If 2012 was any indication on where online video is going, then 2013 is set to be a major year again for several parts of the industry. As we watch it unfold it’s always nice to see what’s going on in areas that we don’t quite cover here at ReelSEO, including, daily news.

It was both a short week and a fairly quiet one with the holiday and the tech industry practically holding its breath waiting for CES next week. So hang in there for now. Next week we’ll see what the TV makers will be pushing this year. I have to believe it will be a lot of connected TV and multi-device options.

Washington Post Political Video Channel In Works

The Washington Post is set to offer around 30 hours of online video for a dedicated political channel by summer 2013.

Source: Washington Post

Sony Looking to Become Virtual MSO Provider?

Variety reports that Sony is set to create its own multichannel TV service, which would most likely send content to its line of Bravia TVs and Playstation consoles most likely.

“The Japanese conglomerate is in active negotiations with at least two major content companies about licensing their channels for a package that could roll out in the U.S. later this year, according to sources.”

YouTube Expanding Content Beaming to More Devices and Players

We all know Google and Apple have been going at it on a variety of fronts with the latest being remote playback of content, or beaming content from one device to another.

YouTube’s take on AirPlay allows users to browse videos with the YouTube Android app for phones and tablets, and then initiate playback on the TV screen with the click of a single button. Device discovery is facilitated automatically as long as the devices are in the same network. Previous iterations of YouTube second-screen control functionality required users to first manually pair their devices.

Source: GigaOm

Rovi Selling VOD Venture

Rovi has announced that it will sell its CinemaNow, which powers Best Buy, but will retain the rights to the DivX codec.

In announcing the decision, Rovi president and CEO Tom Carson said the company is aligning “primarily around delivering enabling solutions for our service provider customers and using those efforts to also generate growth with our consumer electronics and other customers.”

Source: Multichannel News

Samsung Upgrading Smart TVs

A new year, a new CES, an upgraded Smart TV from Samsung. It makes sense.

The company’s Evolution Kit, announced a year ago, attaches into the back of select 2012 Samsung Smart TV models. The module provides additional processing and memory to provide faster Internet browsing speeds, enhanced voice and motion controls, and app multitasking while watching TV, according to Samsung.

Source: Multichannel News

Intel Stumbles on its Virtual MSO Service

With so many trying to get into the game, is it any surprise they’re having content licensing issues as well as hardware?

One person familiar with Intel’s thinking on Monday predicted the company would launch its offering by mid-2013. Another person said a service might not arrive until as late as the fourth quarter, citing delays in reaching content-licensing agreements with entertainment companies that own major TV channels.

Source: WSJ

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