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If we are friends on Facebook you can typically count on my writing on your wall at least once per year. Just about everyone will get a happy birthday greeting of some sort. Over the last several years that has not been the easiest of tasks. As recently as this morning the above screenshot did not look like what you see.

I knew I had a couple birthdays that I needed to send tonight so I went in and what do you know? Facebook changed the Events tab on me. This change, I already love.

Some of the key changes are:

Ability to change to calendar mode from list mode. The screenshot above is the list mode. You can see that on the list I had already written on certain people’s walls and others I still needed to wish birthday blessings to. I absolutely love that. You can also click on certain dates that are highlighted and it will change to other events.

You can click a particular date and now easily go to the next date. This is the picture, just below.

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You can respond to events, see all birthdays for the date and click the next day to do it all again without leaving the events page.

The new events calendar has just started rolling out – if you don’t have it yet it’s coming your way soon!

July was a big month – both Laurie and my Mom celebrate birthdays. And just in case you don’t have this key event on your calendar, circle August 1-3 and register for Real Estate Connect, San Francisco. The Geeky Girls will be there and we’d love to meet you.

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