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Why You Should Periodically Unfollow

I joined twitter a few months ago just to follow the gorgeous real celebrities that are lurking around in it. I started following them and soon found ‘following’ to be my passion. I followed people without much thinking, saw them and clicked follow. At a point I stopped and took a quiet and calm look at my twitter homepage. I was literally shocked upon seeing the tweets. It was a mix of blasphemous, junk and sorry tweets.

Nowadays, this is a common scenario among the normal twitter users. They often find themselves in a bit of mess and become helpless. To get rid of these problems we should unfollow people regularly. There can be many reasons why we should periodically unfollow twitter friends.

Increasing the HomePage Quality

More than often, you will see your homepage full of useless junks rather than useful tweets. There are many celebrities who like to tweet a couple of times an hour. Most of the time, these tweets are about how their makeup looks, their feeling towards the camera roll etc. So in a word the homepage of your twitter account is full of mess. That is why there is a need to unfollow people from time to time.

Reducing Spam

One of the most irritating elements in twitter is the amount of spam in it. Twitter is a goldmine for webmasters as there are many real people using twitter accounts. Twitter does not even need to accept requests like FaceBook. So, they can easily tweet their products, links and whatever they want. In the process, they start repeating themselves and promoting constantly. Moreover, there are people who send you a direct message containing spam links which is equally annoying. Unfollowing them would be the perfect solution to these problems.


While tweeting, you will occasionally stumble upon some unknown faces that have over 1000s followers. Usually, people like to add these persons out of curiosity and hope that they would follow back. Or there are many people who force you to follow them and later dump you by not following. It is about time you brought justice to them by unfollowing them.

Being Realistic

It is true that there are thousands of real celebrities that are tweeting in twitter. People like to follow them and like to know more about them. Usually, twitter provides an insight of them as it is better than a Google search or article. They would like to ask questions and expect an answer. But a true fact is that you cannot get any answer to your questions or any reply to your tweets if they do not follow you back which are the case 90% of the time. So, following them without them following you back is more like filling a bottle of wine with water and drinking it.

Now these are some reasons why you should try unfollowing a few people at times. Unfollowing has become a lot easier these days with the help of many web based unfollow tools that are available today.

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