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Many universities are remain behind in preparing today’s graduates for the demand of today’s marketers. If you study marketing at a university, getting a deep understanding of sales is not always a part of the cirriculum, social media gets a brief review, and the four P’s remain paramount. At it’s core today’s marketing (and marketing automation) knowledge must be centered on a deep understanding of how these critical components of a business work together to spur growth.

In this video roundtable from CRMSoftware.TV, Lauren Carlson, CRM Analyst, Software Advice, Eric Holmen, SVP Marekting & Sales, Silverpop, Kip Bodnar, Inbound Marketing Strategist, Hubspot, and Adam Steinberg, Segment Marketing Director, Hubspot discuss the evolved role of marketers and the skills universities need to be teaching students to equip them for success.

Some highlights:

  • Learn how to tell great stories by understanding the buyer persona’s needs and craft a story around that person’s key problems and the solutions they crave
  • Understand how to interpret and leverage marketing data to direct your marketing strategy and tactics
  • Eliminate the focus on one thing, (like an email campaign), and focus on running frequent marketing tests, monitoring results and adapting

What do you think? What are the core elements of marketing that universities must teach today’s students?

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