NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers: What Buyers Want from Agents | Chappaqua NY Real Estate

  • Buyers look to real estate agents most to help them find the right home. Fifty-five percent of buyers said that what they want most from their agent is help finding the right home.
  • Thirteen percent of buyers wanted their real estate agent to help negotiate the price, and 12 percent wanted help with the terms of sale.
  • The share of home buyers was consistent over first-time and repeat buyers, new and previously owned home buyers, and by household composition.
  • Buyers most often noted that the benefit of having an agent was helping them understand the process (61 percent), more so for first-time buyers (81 percent).
  • Also, more than half of buyers noted that real estate agents pointed out unnoticed features or faults with a property, while over 4 in 10 said real estate agents negotiated better sales contract terms, improved buyers’ knowledge of search areas, and provided a better list of service providers.

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