Is it?

Do you feel you offer a better marketing strategy than the next Realtor?  

You do?  Good!  

Now, can people easily see that on your site? Uh-oh, this is where most agents are getting tripped up.

While perusing a fantastic Google+ community page called Photography for Real Estate, I stumbled upon an excellent video pitting “other” Realtor’s images compared to what the Connie Barnes’ team is producing.  Rather than just telling you how genius I think this video is, please watch it.

After watching this and being floored, not only by the presentation of the video, but the content contained therein, I knew I had to interview Connie and her team.  It’s not just about the plethora of comparison videos she has, but also her marketing centric posts like this one on the iPhone and this one explaining their team’s marketing plan.  They are front and center, fully transparent, and showing the world why they are the best in their local area.    Check out her numbers below.

Connie Barnes Business


Also, after visiting her site, look at her website traffic and you will quickly see how having such compelling marketing can lead to $48 million in sales.

Remember, your website isn’t here there to draw people in from the web, it’s also there to provide reassurance to clients you have already met and continue to tell your story long after you left their house.

Website Traffic

I wanted to dive deeper into Connie’s marketing plan, motivation behind her site structure, and how she started off on her path of marketing transparency.

After watching the interview,  if you have any questions for Connie or her team, please post them to theirGoogle+ page!

I know this interview is quite long, but worth all 15 minutes. Enjoy!


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