Mount Kisco Real Estate | Create Emotional Marketing That Works by Getting Sellers On Camera

Only the seller truly knows what it feels like to live in your listing.

Can you get them to tell their story on video?

Kendyl Young did.

In the video below, Kendyl introduces herself, then the home and then the owner.

And then she gets out of the way.

What happens next is pretty special.

Most listing videos focus on features and amenities.

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Here the focus is squarely on the memories the home and surrounding area created for the owner and her family.

Take a look.

I reached out to Kendyly with two simple questions:

Did the home sell? If so, can you attribute it to the video?

“Oh yeah. 26 offers. Many attendees at the open house mentioned the video. Some said, “Wow, that video of your is going viral- must be a smoking hot deal.”

I am sure that the video created more buzz and traffic at the open house (300 attendees in one day over 4 hours). In turn, it raised excitement on the house. We are in escrow for a huge amount over asking price with a matching offer as a back up. And this was a short sale.”


This wasn’t Kendyl’s first video. She has an extensive library worth checking out on her site.

Kendyl Young Videos

The video wasn’t professionally done.

The camera was even shaky at times.

It didn’t matter.

It captured emotion.

Do that.

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