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Mobile Tools Become More Important in Home Searches


Smartphones and tablets are being increasingly important tools that home buyers are relying on in their home search, according to a new survey from The Real Estate Book and 

The survey shows that 68 percent of mobile users contacted a real estate professional to schedule a showing based on their mobile search. What’s more, 98 percent of those who reported using mobile devices considered the tools valuable in their home search, and 46 percent said they were “essential.” 

What are they using their mobile devices for in their home search? The study found that: 

  • 78 percent viewed photos and videos of homes.
  • 66 percent requested additional information about a listing.
  • 60 percent used the devices to find listing details, price, property descriptions and amenities, and contact information. 
  • 57 percent used their mobile device to locate a house listing via a GPS. 
  • 55 percent searched for homes by city.
  • 42 percent downloaded a home buying search app.
  • 30 percent shared listing information with friends and family. 

“The time is now for agents and brokers to add mobile tools in their marketing mix to increase traffic and reach home shoppers right when they are actively engaged in their search process,” says Scott Dixon, president of NCI’s Real Estate Division.

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