Living Free with Feng Shui

For a long time I have resisted teaching & sharing Feng Shui for the worry that some people would see it as just plain weird.  Having practiced it fervently for the past two years I can no longer keep quiet. It has been a life changing experience & one worth sharing.  There are depths of the teaching that I too do not fully understand quite yet.  As a matter of fact, there are people that have dedicated their lives to learning it & still may not be masters.  I challenge you that if you have thought “that’s just too much to learn” or “I don’t have time to read all the books”…. Don’t let that stop you.  There are benefits to applying even some of the minor methods.  Over a period of time I will share more & more, but just for today I’ll share a getting started point.

Like a breath of fresh air, with a little time & care you can improve the energy flow & over all “feel” of your space…  I definitely recommend it for home & work, but lets start with home.  What your eyes take in the moment you awake or walk in your door sets the tone for your inner peace or lack thereof.  Of course, I’m not referring to a spiritual peace, that can only come from God.  I am referring to the internal stress or aggrivation we feel when things are out of order.  If you do not feel that, then you may have gotten use to it & I would be willing to bet that your surroundings are chaos.  In this case people are blocking the feeling & that is an even deeper issue.

Lets begin with clutter.  Never underestimate the effect of clutter on your life.  Whenever I meet people that need my help in decor & they tell me they are “stuck” & just don’t know where to begin, they are usually inendated with clutter. Where clutter accumulates, energy stagnates.  If you are wanting to go on the journey to a more peaceful, more serene you, then I urge you to begin clearing today.  In the first effort you should have an awareness of how many things you are moving & either move or discard twenty-five things.  Don’t mull over each item, just getting moving with them….. Grab one… On to the next & so on! Moving energy is healthy energy. Just think what happens to a pool of still water… Soon it becomes murky & begins to smell. A lot of times people with all this “stuff” say that they can’t find the desire to begin. They constantly feel tired. No wonder you are tired. You are sitting in a box of stagnant energy.  Just begin to move these things…especially the things that have no meaning & you will marvel at how light you will feel in body, mind, & spirit.


Living Free With Feng Shui

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