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Listingbook LLC announced the release today of its Broker Lead Incubation Service (BLIS), a tool for brokers that manages their “cold” leads, cultivates them and then hands them over when they’re close to being transaction-ready.

The system, a slow-drip, outsourced marketing tool, is built to convert leads, even old ones, into hot prospects, according to Listingbook.

BLIS, Listingbook’s first service developed for brokers, works by a broker first providing leads to Listingbook, which creates a broker-branded version of its client-management system. Then Listingbook emails leads to sign up with the system, giving them access to the multiple listing service-sourced, broker-branded home search powered by Listingbook.

Screen shot of broker-branded Listingbook home search.

Listingbook then sends daily morning reports to the “cold” leads in a broker’s BLIS system and its staff answers their preliminary questions. When a prospect is ready to act, the broker is contacted and can choose which agent to handle it.

“Ask any broker what their biggest challenge is with online buyers and sellers and they’ll likely say, ‘We waste a ton of money on advertising to generate leads, of which 98 percent aren’t even close to entering a transaction anytime soon,'” said Randall Kaplan, CEO of Listingbook, in a statement. BLIS was built to address this challenge, he said.

Screen shot of the BLIS-powered lead cultivation system in action.

“Listingbook’s (BLIS) is great because it is like having an extra employee or two working for us, following up with Internet buyers and sellers,” said Laura Paperner, director of e-commerce for Prudential Alliance Realtors, which beta-tested the service.

“The Listingbook technology automatically updates prospects with information on homes for sale, price changes and open houses — and when they are ready for more information they simply contact our Listingbook rep, who in turn contacts us,” Paperner said in a statement.

In September, Listingbook added seven MLSs to its Listingbook AI system, where MLS data becomes available to homebuyers on Listingbook. The addition brought the nationwide total to 77, which, collectively, represent more than 60 percent of real estate agents nationwide.

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