Katonah NY Real Estate suggest “Why Your Next Post Should Be a Short One” | Katonah NY Homes for sale

It does not take long to write. Of course it doesn’t because you don’t have anything to say or you are too lazy to say what needs to be said.

It does not take long to read. Nope, and people will be left wondering why they read it.

It forces you to write efficiently. If you call this efficiency then you really need to look up the word.

It increases the number of comments. Proof?

It makes you stand out. Or it makes you look silly

It gets spread a lot. Doubtful, posts rich in information get spread, posts like this go largely ignored.

It builds your audience. Yeah, right

Another problem with this great idea is the fact that search engines don’t care for short posts and often reward much longer posts. It’s one thing if you are posting live action from a breaking news standpoint but in general short posts do absolutely none of the things you say.

But hey, seeing as Darren has given up on the roots of Problogger leaving it to a horde or guest bloggers and only doing drive bys to sell something then maybe I am wrong and this is the wave of the future.

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