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Your Facebook business page is worthless

From Future of Real Estate Marketing

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking at Inman’s Agent Reboot in Atlanta. The topic: Facebook business pages. The title of my presentation: Your Facebook Business Page is Worthless. It’s a little unnerving to take the stage and to start off by looking into all those eager faces in the audience and tell them that their Facebook business page is worthless. But it’s true — most of the time.

The majority of the agents I speak to express frustration with Facebook as a lead generation tool or as part of their marketing plan. But that’s because, to quote one of my favorite (terrible) movies of the ’80s, “Mr. Mom”: “you’re doing it wrong.”

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Maura Neill is a Realtor in Atlanta and the creator of 365Atlanta.com, a hyperlocal travel site for Atlanta newcomers and natives which has become a referral resource for her business. She is also musical theatre geek, dark chocolate aficionada, lover of dark beer, and shoe addict.

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