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MTS mBlaze

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Wireless broadband has never been so fast and easy to use. All thanks to mBlaze, a wireless broadband data card on offer by MTS, formerly known as Sistema Shyam Teleservices Limited. MTS mBlaze is a high speed wireless Internet service that promises to its customers download speeds of up to 3.1 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 1.8 Mbps. MTS is currently running on 1x advance CDMA2000 technology which is known to be similar to wireless broadband services of other companies such as Reliance, Tata and BSNL.

MTS mBlaze modem comes in two variants. The first is the premium which costs Rs. 1599 and the other is standard which costs Rs. 1549. Both these modems are similar, the only difference is that the premium modem or data card has a micro SD card slot for extra storage and has a stylish swivel modem mechanism for flexible use. Both of these cards are plug and play devices and do not require installation of any separate software to run. The mBlaze wireless broadband modem is available with both prepaid as well as postpaid billing plans. The prepaid plan is just like a mobile phone prepaid plan. You simply go to an MTS dealer and purchase a recharge coupon and recharge your account as and when required. Recharge can also be done by visiting MTS website online and making payment via a credit card. With a postpaid plan you have a monthly bill detailing your usage and current charges that are to be paid.

MTS also offers an unlimited plan for those who are constantly connected to the Internet. Under this plan, you pay Rs. 999 per month and get 12 GB data at 3.1 Mbps speed but after the 12 GB data limit is exceeded the speed reduces to 144 Kbps. Though there is no cap on the amount of data that can be downloaded, there is a cap on the download speed.

Apart from all this, MTS allows you to browse certain sites free of cost. These sites include Yahoo India, Wikipedia, MakeMyTrip, Cricinfo and Indiatimes Shopping. The best part with regards to these free sites is that even if your mBlaze balance is zero, you can visit and browse these sites. Another added advantage of using mBlaze is that it comes with an application called MTS TV that allows you to watch online TV that too without any kind of subscription fee.

The MTS mBlaze is a great device because it provides a very fast wireless Internet service, much faster than any other wireless Internet provider in India. Also it offers an all India roaming plan, something that is essential for frequent travelers. Another great thing is that you do not need to locate a dealer to get your mBlaze recharged; you can always do it online without any kind of hassles or worries. Overall a great deal for those who want quality as well as speed when it comes to wireless broadband Internet.

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