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Following are the top 3 essential tools for a successful Internet marketing business.  Keeping things simple is very important when it comes to marketing online. Information over load is the leading cause of failure as and internet marketer. So I kept things simple and am showing you the 3 most important tools you will need to get started marketing online.

Create Your Own Website

Your own website is the basic tool which is essential for your successful Internet marketing business. If you want to make a good start in this field you must build an impressive, credible and professional-looking website. You must create a site which will fulfill the requirements of all of your visitors Which in turn are the prospects for conversions on your site. A user friendly site will promote the user to visit the links to the products and services that are advertised on your site. A user will pay you back for good information by either signing up to your list or buying something of your website.

An important point to note is that a majority of visitors to your site do not come online to buy something. The reason people use the internet is to find some information or they may be looking for entertainment. So all you need to do is just fill your website with good quality information as well as give it an entertainment aspect. When you give a user something to interact with as it be an article, a video, a poll, ect… more than 45% of those users will take an action on your site. That action might be a sale or an opt-in, whatever you are looking to achieve on your site. So make sure your website gives value to any visitor that interacts with it.

Give Incentives to Your Visitors

Competition today is very tough among marketers on the internet. If you want to get the major share of your target market, then you should always keep an eye on your competitor. You should use every possible technique to make your users visit your site regularly. You should also stride to make it easier for your visitors to click the links and take a look at the products and services that you are offering. Creating an opt-in email list is a good method to get prospects. You should provide an auto-responder series to your users, and offer them attractive incentives and value.  This is the ideal way to convince them to subscribe to your newsletters or mini-course. Offering free software or e-books to attract users to your website is always a good idea.

Link Popularity

If you want to run a successful website then you must remember the fact that your success is hidden in driving more traffic to your website. Traffic is necessary in order to achieve a good income online. To achieve this goal, your website must be rated high in search engines and be authoritative in your niche. The more links you have out there pointing back to your website the better. Make sure you are getting link backs to your site from popular authoritative sites within your niche.  Link Popularity is an important factor which is used to determine search engine rankings and page rank. To get high rankings, you must try to enhance your link popularity. Link popularity simply means how popular your website link is. For example is a very popular website link. Try to choose a website name that is short, interesting, easy to remember name that is related to your business. This will help to increase your link popularity and brand your site name on the internet. Getting known inside the internet can be daunting, so the more people see your link the more you will be seen within your niche.


Above are the three basic tools for you to have a successful internet marketing business. I kept these basic in order to keep things simple. There are still many other methods and tricks that can be used to maximize your earnings as an internet marketer but these are the basic tools. Make your own website. Your website must be easy to use and informative. It should deliver what people are looking for. Try to attract people by offering them free incentives.  Try different methods to increase your link popularity to achieve a high ranking in the search engines. Use a simple, easy and interesting name for  your website. Long and difficult names are hard to remember, so try to avoid them. Stick to little groups within your niche to leverage small pockets of traffic. Some people try and be really broad inside their niche, but the key is to keep is targeted and results will show.

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