Immigrants, An Emerging Base of Clients: The Virginia Story | Mt Kisco Real Estate

The United States attracts about 1 million immigrants (permanent residents) every year. Over time, they achieve the American dream of having higher incomes and homeownership.

Did you know that India is the top origination country of immigrants entering Virginia in 2011? Virginia accounted for about 3% of immigrants entering the United States in 2011; studies show that the majority of immigrants will ultimately buy a home. India, El Salvador, Ethiopia, the People’s Republic of China, and the Philippines rounded out the top 5 countries.

What this Means for REALTORS®: Immigrants have a huge potential to become future homeowners. REALTORS® can seize the opportunity by initiating and expanding interaction with the immigrant community, possibly learning about customs, requirements, and interests of foreign-born clients. You can find information on foreign-buyers and international programs and services at,, and


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