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Did you catch the post on about how to optimize your blog for more subscribers?

The post features a video blog review of my blog done by Derek Halpern, of SocialTriggers, an expert in increasing conversions rates on blogs. My blog review was one of seven Derek has done for some big names in blogging and Internet Marketing including:

Chris Brogan

Jay Baer

Pat Flynn

Laura Roeder

David Risley

Lewis Howes

and me.

Derek has compiled all seven blog reviews in one place – more than 3 hours of FREE email conversion consulting. 

If you want to amp up your blog and start getting more subscribers, then I HIGHLY recommend you spend some time studying each video. You will hear similar feedback and each blog is different with different objectives so you will learn how the big boys and girls are upping their blogging game. 

More subscribers will lead to more prospects for your products and services. More prospects leads to more sales. Need I say more?

If you watch, take notes and implement even a few tactics, I'm confident you will see improved conversions and results from your blog. 


Bookmark the page and block off 30-45 minutes a day for 7 days to study each blog review. Then, implement two or three tips immediately. Track your subscriber numbers and keep tweaking to improve your conversions. And, let me know how it goes!

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