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If you are in the real estate business, there are plenty of different tools that you can use to try to increase your exposure and your business. While many real estate agents have tried using Facebook and Twitter to promote their businesses, a relatively new option is available which could help. Pinterest is a social network that hasn’t been around that long, but it has vast potential for helping you promote your real estate business. Here are the basics of Pinterest and how it can help your real estate company grow.

Pinterest Basics

The basic idea behind Pinterest is that it’s similar to having a virtual pin board people can look at. You are in charge of creating different boards with images on them. Then other people come around to your profile and check them out. It is a great way to share different things with other people in a visual format.

Use the Highest-Quality Images

If you really want to do well with Pinterest, it is important to make sure to use the highest quality images available. For this part of the process, you probably shouldn’t get out your cell phone camera and snap a picture of a house before throwing it up on Pinterest. Instead, use high-quality images of your properties when putting them on Pinterest. Pinterest is all about being visually appealing for the people, and you need to make the pictures of the house interesting.

Get Some Promotion From Clients

ID 10052835 300x222 How To Grow Your Real Estate Business With PinterestWhen you sell a house, ask your clients to put pictures of themselves in their houses up on their own profiles. Once they do, have them tag you in the pictures. This will make it possible for other people to come across those pictures easier. This is kind of like having a testimonial from a happy customer. When other people see the customers that you have helped, it will only help your business grow.

Local Information

Instead of only posting pictures of houses that you have for sale on your boards, consider posting some great information about the local area. You should use your Pinterest boards as a type of promotional tool for the area as a whole instead of just specific properties. Your job is to sell the region to people who are considering moving in. Once they decide on moving into the region, you’ll be able to get many of them to work with you. Post some pictures of great attractions, natural beauty, places to eat, and things to do.

Encourage Involvement

Pinterest 300x449 How To Grow Your Real Estate Business With PinterestAlthough it is easy to simply put up some pictures on your Pinterest boards, this might not do much to encourage visitor interaction. When you post a picture, ask a question for other people to answer. For example, when you post a picture of an awesome deck looking over a scenic view, post something like “Would you like having this view out your back door?” This can go a long way toward getting people involved in your boards.

If you will take the time to get involved with the Pinterest network, you will potentially be able to generate more business for your real estate endeavors. You have to stay involved on a regular basis, and provide real value to your visitors. Pinterest is definitely a tool that you should consider adding to your marketing arsenal.


Ben Sawyer is Social Media analyst for more than 5 years. One well known real estate company, hired him to make a social media campaign,  in order to help them to improve their rankings and establish their online presence. Here are few of Ben’s tips expecially for the Pinterest social network. 

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