How to Choose the Best Kitchen Floor Styles


How to Choose the Best Kitchen Floor Styles

Kitchen floorYour kitchen is perhaps the most used part of your house because this is where you spend most of your time away from work, preparing meals or sipping coffee before running off to work and even reading the day’s papers.

It’s probably even one of your hideaways when you want to relax for a few minutes before the kids come home from school or you have to face a tough day at work. Having such an important role in your life, your kitchen should not only reflect your personality but also something that will provide you and anyone who enters it, with some sort of comfort and warmth.

After all, it is the one place where everyone gets to catch up with each other, share stories and even reminisce about the good old days.

Comfort and Style

When thinking about the design for your kitchen, you have to consider both comfort and style. While stylish kitchens you see in magazines may seem stiff and unaccommodating, there are many ways you can design your own kitchen that will not only make it look stylish and modern but will also provide you with just the right touch of comfort and warmth, typical of a kitchen that reminds you of home.

However, it is not only the latest kitchen appliances or the perfect blend of colors that make up a good kitchen design. Never take it for granted that your kitchen floor doesn’t need as much attention as any other part of your kitchen. A sore-looking kitchen floor is enough to ruin the whole look you’re going for.

On the other hand, a carefully-considered kitchen floor will definitely complete the new look of your kitchen. It can actually liven up your room and complement the colors on your walls, giving it a homey or chic look, whatever you choose.

Picking Your Kitchen Floor

  • Material – There are a few materials you can choose from – linoleum, wood, or tiles. Depending on your design, you can pick one of these materials for the perfect kitchen floor. However, there are other factors to consider as well before deciding on one.
  • People – Who will be using the kitchen in your house? How many are living under your roof? A linoleum kitchen floor may be easy to place and replace, but they could easily chip or tear if a lot of people will be stepping on them on a regular basis, including children. Consider too, the possibility of having things or furniture dragged on the floor from time to time.
  • Children – Children are different from all the other people in your house when considering your flooring. Children have the tendency to run around and do rough plays most of the time, so while ceramic tiles may look chic and stylish, they could be more slippery than wood or linoleum. You’re probably better off with linoleum flooring for the time being, especially if you’re the do-it-yourself type as linoleum is easier to replace than tiles or wood.

Bear in mind that your kitchen floor should be something that can be comfortably walked on, run on and such without causing too much damage to the floor itself. While you want to maintain the theme of your entire kitchen, your kitchen floor should have both comfort and durability to stand the test of time – that and the abuse it will surely begetting, especially from your children.

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