How the Auto Industry Is Embracing Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Every industry these days is trying to figure out how to employ social media, but the auto category is being especially scrutinized. The segment is known for its glitzy TV ads and deep pockets, but social media is a field where money will only drive you so far. The big gains seem to come from out-thinking opponents, not outspending them.

So how are the big automakers doing in this new arena? As this infographic shows, there have been some triumphs, some missteps, and a lot of learning.

Because of the large size of this infographic, we’ve broken it up into multiple smaller parts. You can view the full graphic here.

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How the Auto Industry is Embracing Social Media

General Motors





The Super Bowl

Lessons & Takeways


Infographic created by Muhammad Saleem. You can follow him on Twitter @msaleem.

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