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Over the past few years, social media has had an effect on many aspects of the world in one way or another. We can now keep in contact with each other all the time, spread photos and messages simultaneously to thousands, and it’s also allowed brands to interact much more closely to their customers.

Marketing has forever been changed by social media. Marketers can engage with potential customers through adverts specifically tailored to that type of person, all based on information the customer has given.

A social media agency can market a brand to thousands of people, increasing its public awareness through pages and helping to cement the brands image with regular updates, photos, articles and more.

The reach of social media

388012741 9d01040e4d 300x199 How Social Media Has Changed MarketingAs said at the start, social media has taken over in the last few years. It’s hard to find someone not signed up to one social media page or another, and so it makes sense that companies have set up pages to market their products and services.

From teenagers to middle-aged businessmen, and aspiring professionals to those long since retired; social media has access to all.


Social media allows users to interact with people and companies like never before, while also acting as an outlet to channel information about people and their opinions.

When a company sets up a page on a social media site and people begin to follow it, the company can ask them their opinions on their products and services. The information that can be gathered on these topics is invaluable, as it is essentially market research.

All this information can easily be put to use in better marketing to customers, helping marketers appeal to their audience in much better ways than before.

Promoting a positive image

4890770512 5905e505c31 300x271 How Social Media Has Changed MarketingAny social media agency will tell you that keeping your brand image up on your social media page is crucial.

Word spreads fast, even faster with social media, so when negative comments are posted about a particular brand on the page it can be swiftly tackled and the problem sorted. Better yet, all of this being public will show other potential customers how your brand deals with problems.

Facing off negative comments is great, but don’t forget that positive messages will also be posted.

Marketing to the target market

4927470569 390eca1b61 300x226 How Social Media Has Changed MarketingToday and in the past, marketing has been done through publications, signs, television and radio adverts. The target markets for these adverts are broad to try and appeal to as many people as possible as easily as possible. While this is still effective, marketing through social media can be targeted towards a much more niche audience.

Using the information that users post on their social media profiles, adverts can be made to target from either a broad range of people, all the way down to a specific group. This allows for a greater personalisation of adverts, appealing more towards people who’d ignore the normal adverts.

At the opposite end of the scale, setting up adverts to easily avoid users that’d have no interest in the product or service is also possible.

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