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Today’s Lowest Mortgage Interest Rates – Refinance 30 Year Fixed Home Loan Rates at 4.15% on November 14, 2010

As November is halfway through mortgage interest rates continue to remain at very low levels with the help of the federal reserve bank. Over the last several months it has been the case that mortgage rates have dropped due to the fact that the federal reserve bank continues to buy treasuries and expand the quantitative easing program. With this being the case today’s lowest mortgage interest rates are around 4.15% for the 30 year fixed mortgage.

When looking at historical trends of overall mortgage rates it is very hard to imagine that refinanced 30 year fixed home loan rates are well below 4.5%. Never in the history of the United States housing market have interest rates stayed so low for such a long period of time. Much of this is due to the fact that the overall economy continues to struggle.

Federal reserve bank chairman Ben Bernanke continues to make the statement that interest rates will stay low until the overall economy begins to recover. This is a double-edged sword as many people want the economy to recover so jobs are available but interest rates will start to move up which means it will be much more difficult to borrow money at cheap rates.

For those Americans who have made very good financial decisions in the past decade the low interest-rate environment has helped them greatly. With the lowest possible mortgage interest rates at 4.15% many Americans have been able to refinance a home loan to a very low rate. Some homeowners have found that they can save hundreds of dollars on a monthly mortgage payment and possibly pay a mortgage off much quicker.

With the advancements of Google and the overall Internet it is quite amazing to see the possibilities when it comes to research. Almost all mortgage lenders throughout the country offer free resources online and it would be wise to take advantage of these resources as refinancing could save money. As with any major financial decision in one’s life it is always important to step back and think about the multiple options.

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