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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. – Gov. Andrew Cuomo is urging Westchester residents to remain patient as the state begins a return to normalcy.

Though power outages around the state have dropped from 2.1 million to 730,000 in the days after Hurricane Sandy swept through the region, Cuomo said at a press conference Sunday morning, he knows these numbers mean nothing if power is not on at home.

Fuel shortages have added insult to injury for many area residents, who are facing long lines and gas limits at the pump. While more fuel tankers and barges are coming into the New York Harbor in the coming days, Cuomo said panic among consumers has only served to further the state’s continuing issues with fuel delivery and distribution.

“We do believe it’s a short-term problem – a number of days we anticipate this to continue. [We’re] not 100 percent sure when the system will be up and running where you won’t feel any effect whatsoever,” said Cuomo. “Patience is required … now is not the time to be using the car if you don’t need to, now is not the time to be hoarding fuel.”

Though 80 percent of subway service has been restored to New York City, Cuomo said service will not be entirely normal for mass transit commuters come Monday. He recommends visiting the MTA’s website for subway service changes.   

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said service would be hampered in the near future, but added, “I plan to take the subways tomorrow.”

Cuomo, Bloomberg, and Sen. Chuck Schumer spoke to the spirit of New Yorkers coming together, once again, in a time of crisis.

“People have cried in my arms … you get on the ground and you see the depth of it, how people’s lives have been ripped apart by this force of nature,” Schumer said at the conference. “The best resource we have to fight this is by being New Yorkers.”

Cuomo said he plans to join County Executive Robert Astorino in Westchester Sunday.

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