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Apr 19 2011

Google Invests a Hundred Million in Oregon Wind Farm

Google is on a clean energy spending spree. First, they branched out into clean power in Europe by investing approximately five million in a German solar farm. Next, they invested over $150 million in the world’s largest solar tower plant (Ivanpah), pushing total clean energy investments to over $250 million. And now they’ve surpassed a quarter of a million in clean energy funding for April alone by investing an additional $100 million in an Oregon Wind Farm.

The wind farm is located in Shepherds Flat and is slated for completion in 2012. It will generate a full 845 MW of energy, sufficient to power just under a quarter of a million homes. In additional to being a project with an immense power output, the Shepherds Flat Wind Farm will also help advance wind generation technology in the United States; the farm will utilize permanent magnet generators, which Google representatives call an “evolutionary turbine technology that will improve efficiency, reliability and grid connection capabilities,” which have never been used in the U.S. before.

The investment is a “win-win-win” situation for all involved. Much of the energy produced in this Oregon farm will be sold to California, helping the Golden State to push toward their lofty renewable energy goals. Meanwhile, a great number of job opportunities will open to Oregon residents, and the state will see an increase in tax revenue. Google, meanwhile, will have a significant share in another up-and-coming renewable energy business. However, this investment, while significant, is far from the final big move from the search engine giant. Their official announcement of the investment stated, “We remain on the lookout for more projects that make business sense and will help all of us take advantage of clean, renewable energy.”

[via the Official Google Blog]


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