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Five Things Your Business Should Tweet About

If your local business isn’t on Twitter, then you need to ask yourself why. Twitter is one of the most widely used social media networks, with more than 140 million users and 340 millions tweets sent in any given day. (For beginners out there, a “tweet” is a text message“ transmitted via Twitter in 140 characters or less, often including a Web link.) Twitter provides a way to send information to a large target audience in such a way that they can decide in a matter of seconds if they want to read more. Your goal as a business owner is to build a following who will read your tweets and share or “re-tweet” them to others.

But what should you tweet about to make this happen?

There’s so much a local business of any sort can tweet about, so get creative, and use the following five ideas as starting points:

Promote promotions. Anytime you’re offering a special deal, be sure to tweet about it.

Humor’s a good thing. Every once in a while, consider tweeting a comment and link to a humorous story or a funny image. This shows you have a personality while being professional.

Share upcoming events. Anytime you’re attending or holding events of any sort, share that information with others.

News you can use. Share quick tips or links to newsworthy information relevant to your industry and business. Also tweet links to your business’ blogs, articles, and other fresh website content.

Make them think. A great way to catch people’s attention is to share a link to an inspirational image or quote. Asking questions in your tweets will also generate more interaction.

If you’re not on Twitter, set up your profile today, and start using these tips to begin tweeting to build a following for your business. Next week we’ll share tips on how to optimize your Twitter presence online.

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