Fast Track to Marketing and Selling a Home

Ready to put up another listing?

Your listing has been wonderful to your seller all these years. You’ve seen everything that’s great about it and want others to see it too.

So, how do you get a home noticed?

If this is your first time selling a home, you probably think one of the best ways to hook in a buyer is to lower the asking price.

While this does hold some truth, there are alternate options to increase views and offers on a property.
It all starts with some good marketing and a little creativity on your part.

Set a good price

set a good real estate price
Research homes in the area that are similar to the one you’re selling. It’s a great place to start so you’ll stay in the ballpark. You have the access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), so use it! Or check out this guide to see if your price is too high.

With the MLS as a reference, you’ll have a good idea of what homes in the area are going for. You’ll also learn the market history for the area, and can narrow down your options.

Has your seller made significant changes to the home to increase its value?

Was a patio installed?

Did they finish the basement?

Was the kitchen renovated?

All of these things can be counted toward the asking price because your seller would certainly like a return on investment on these kind of projects.

The appraisal will help a lot, too.

Coming up with the right price is no easy task. A price set too high will scare buyers away, leaving the home on the market for weeks, or months.

In the same sense, you wouldn’t want to lowball the price and have the buyer lose their hard earned dollars that they put into making the place awesome.

Consider putting yourself in the shoes of a buyer. From an outside point, is the value of the home truly worth the asking price? Use your best judgment and experience. After all, you are the expert here.

Be unique

unique real estate property

Does your seller live in a cookie-cutter neighborhood?

As potential buyers drive through the neighborhood and see that most homes look the same, they’ll be less likely to fork out extra cash for your listing. Because, what’s the difference? You need to give buyers a reason as to why they should pay more money for your home.

It can be hard to make a home stand out among properties that are essentially the same. Any unique quality you can suggest to the seller to differentiate it from the others will draw a buyer’s eye.

This doesn’t always mean spending thousands of dollars on renovations. Suggest smaller projects that make a big difference (like a new roof or a fresh coat of paint). Your seller may have to roll up those sleeves and do some landscaping here and there, but it will definitely enhance the curb appeal.

First impressions are key.

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