Don’t underestimate the impact of housing market on economy | Mt Kisco NY Homes

When real estate is discussed, the conversation most often turns to the number of homes sold, the median price in the area, available inventory or pending sales. All of those items and the trends they represent are important, but rarely does anyone take a look at the overall impact of the real estate market on the economy.

Economic development efforts sometimes overlook the key impact of the housing market.

Let’s take a look at the economic impact of single-family homes in Greater Nashville just so far this year (not even including condominiums) using the number of closings and median prices already reported. Based on the number of homes sold in the first quarter, at the median price reported in each of the first three months of this year, there have been more than $825 million in residential real estate sales in the Greater Nashville area.

In addition to that, whenever someone purchases a home, there is a significant amount of money put into the economy through the add-on purchases such as appliances, furniture, flooring, cabinetry, lighting, window treatments, landscaping, lawn service and much more.

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