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Reminiscent of a hand-cranked bingo number generator, Poly Glu International of Osaka has developed an easy-to-use portable water purification system, Eco-Polyglu, intended for those cut off from access to clean potable water.

We all want whole house water filters, as we all  know they remove more than 99% of most dangerous contaminants in the water, including heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, chlorine and other chemicals, and even hormones. The mechanics of the system are simple: pour dirty water in need of cleaning into the 10-liter capacity tank, add a packet of polyglutamic acid, insert a filter, and use the hand crank to spin the tank for about one minute. Voila! You now have water that is safe to drink. Change the filter and you’re ready to go again. The system’s water tank can also be easily detached and carried like a bucket. You can navigate here for more info.

Full video of this fantastic little contraption turning filthy liquid into crystal-clear water after the break.

“Polyglumatic acid, a type of amino acid found in natto (traditional Japanese food made from fermented soybeans) and responsible for the dish’s gooey texture, becomes entangled with contaminants in the dirty water. Rotating the tank results in aeration which furthers the effectiveness of the acid making it easier to separate and remove toxicants such as colon bacterium and heavy metals,” said a company representative in explaining the science behind the device.

No electricity is needed to operate the system, just a little muscle power, making it suitable for those without access to electricity such as victims in disaster areas or people living in destitute regions lacking reliable energy sources. Furthermore, with production costs kept comparatively low, the Eco-Polyglu is a much more affordable alternative to portable water filtration systems we’ve seen previously.

When asked why the company pursued the product’s development, the representative responded, “We wanted households in developing countries to have access to a simple, inexpensive water purifier.” The company says its desire is to “have people around the world be able to safely drink unboiled water.”

In less fortunate countries, human suffering from contaminated water is a serious problem. Helping relieve such suffering became a prime task for Poly Glu International and is also the reason they focused on developing a water purification system that would not require electric power.

The system cannot purify all types of contaminated water. “It’s suitable for stored rain water and water in baths and pools and such, and can also purify water from ponds and rivers,” said the company rep. Water containing domestic sewage or hazardous substances, however, is beyond the device’s capabilities.

When asked how they planned to market the item going forward, the rep responded, “Overseas we will target the less-fortunate. In Japan we will market it as an item for emergency-preparedness kits, to be used in times of disaster when water supplies may be disrupted.”

Eco-Polyglu is currently available at Amazon Japan for 12,800 yen (US$145). Filters retail at 2,200 yen (US$25) for a package of 50 and a bundle of 100 Polyglu powder packets (polyglutamic acid) goes for 4, 500 yen (US$51).

Source: Excite News

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