Demystifying the ‘Obamacare’ real estate tax | Cross River Real Estate

Q: When does the tax for “Obamacare” when selling a house go into effect? How will it be calculated? –P.

A: First things first: Always, when considering any real estate move, from buying to selling, refinancing or even planning to rent for a number of years, get your own tax professional on the horn, loop them into your plans, and get their advice.

I say this upfront because I commonly see people worry and fret about tax issues that are not likely to ever be an issue for them, and vice versa: people wandering right into tax dramas they could have avoided if they’d gotten professional advice upfront.

And this “Obamacare” home sale tax issue is no different. Many who are worried about it needn’t be at all. Many who are unaware of the tax should be mindful of it.

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