Crowdfund your real estate costs | Bedford Corners Real Estate

Elizabeth Kulik and Barry Barovick, along with Jason Kulik, recently launched ProHatch, or what they call a crowdfunding incubator. It’s not the first crowdfunding website out there, as the better-known Kickstarter and Indiegogo are already senior companies in the space for “crowd” financing.

One of the major differences between ProHatch and those that have launched before is that Elizabeth Kulik and Barovick are longtime veterans of the real estate industry, both having been in the C-suite of Grubb & Ellis, with Barovick at one time holding the title of CEO.

Although ProHatch offers crowdfunding services for a number of different services and industries, one of its focuses is real estate, which is, of course, a subject near and dear to the hearts of Kulik and Barovick.

I recently spoke with the two, asking how crowdfunding could change the way real estate would be financed in the future.

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