Chappaqua NY Homes | 5 Best Strategies for Using Twitter

Apparently, Twitter has brought many changes both in our personal and professional lives. Aside from using Twitter accounts for personal use, many have learned to use this as a powerful tool to increase their visibility online. Using Twitter effectively may require much effort from your end. After setting up a Twitter profile, there are lots of things that you need to learn in the process. Listed below are some strategies you can use for Twitter to serve its purpose at its best.

Ways to beef up your profile

  • Make the most of your bio. You have about 160 characters to describe yourself. If you are a business owner, you may want to incorporate some relevant keywords into your profile. Making it keyword-rich increase the chances of inviting more potential clients. You may also include your business tagline as well as other important information you think could help other users to know more about your venture.
  • As for the URL, you can try linking to a social network landing page instead of your official business site.
  • A display photo is a very important element of your Twitter profile. It is important that online users see a photo, and not just an avatar. Do not use a photo of your pet or your photo as a child.
  • Twitter allows users to customize the background of their accounts. You may utilize the background to showcase information and graphics that you cannot include on your Twitter profile options.
  • Twitter has a feature that lets users to save their favorite tweets. If you want to save some tweets, you just have to go to the post you want to save, and then click on the “favorite” icon under the actual tweet.

These five steps are just part of a larger task that you need to accomplish. After working on a great profile, you need to create and share content that can showcase your expertise. Your tweets need to be useful, updated and engaging.

Take some time to choose the specific audience segment that will be your target in the market. It is important to limit your scope to cater quality products or services. Trying to target everyone in the online sphere is not effective, and may not be possible at all.

Learn about your customers

3412379461 1c2a0e4f10 1 300x344 5 Best Strategies for Using TwitterFor example, look for about 10 customers on Twitter, which you can do by making a quick search through Twitter or Google. Once you have found an account that you are sure one of your customers, follow his or her account. Along the process, you will surely find more people you can follow. Some of these will follow you back if you provide helpful information on your account. The main goal here is to initiate interaction between you and your target market.

After you have identified the users you want to follow, make sure to understand how they speak. Start by knowing what people say about your business. Try to know if they say good or bad things as you can use those comments to improve your business.

Analyze how your audience talks—whether formal or informal. It is always best to match the tone of your chosen audience. You should also look into the content that your chosen audience retweets and shares. Are those posts and links similar to what you share? What are the things that make them annoyed or excited?

These are just some of the strategies you can apply on your own Twitter account, most especially if it is a business account. This social media tool can effectively increase your virtual visibility if you know how to make the best out of it.

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